Collection: Faustina Maciejczuk

A rebel by choice, she has always sought expression in music and never gives up
to be pigeonholed while at the same time being an organized person. The artist is both
songwriter and composer. He maneuvers between genres bordering on music
alternative music, seeking their own artistic expression in an independent way.
Musically educated and a lover of electronic music, she inspires as a creator
with the sound of the 90's, synthesizers, vocal reverberation and its possibilities
harmonics. In March 2021, she released the EP "Awakening", which resounds
sounds of synth-pop, and the song "Po Burzy", which was included on this release,
was used in the Rak'n'Roll campaign. In autumn 2022, her debut album was released
"baby blue", on which she worked together with the leading Polish producers
music (Kuba Karaś, Wuja HZG, Pham). You can hear her on the album
Kukona (the song "Algorytm" already has over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify!) and in
Tymek's newest single - "Little Things".