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Ralph Kaminski - Bal u Rafała LP

Ralph Kaminski - Bal u Rafała LP

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"Bal u Rafała" is about longing for love, carefree life and freedom. It is a reflection on childhood and the rushing time. One of the main themes is dance, which is intertwined in lyrics and music. On his third solo album, Ralph Kaminski reaches for electronics, paying homage to the music of the eighties in his original and uncompromising way.

The release, containing 10 tracks, will be accompanied - as in the case of the CD version - by unusual graphic design by Dawid Grzelak.

The album is available on vinyl on a unique 180-gram color disc with the artist's poster.


1. Uwertura bal
2. Małe serce
3. Krystyna
4. Duchy
5. Latka
6. Planeta i ja
7. Ale mi smutno
8. Ocean
9. Pies
10. Bal u Rafała

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