Collection: Pola Chobot & Adam Baran

Pola Chobot & Adam Baran are one of the most interesting voices of the Polish alternative.
A wild, inseparable musical organism.
Pola - singer, pianist, author of words and music. Adam – guitarist, music author, producer. Winners of several prestigious music awards, e.g. He has received awards from Radio Wrocław Kultura "Emocja", the Festival of Young Talents in Szczecin (2nd place), the FAMA Festival (Andrzej Jakóbiec Award), the Akademia Gitary festival in Poznań (1st place), honored by the jury of Jarocin's Young Rhythms. They debuted in November 2019 with the well-received album entitled. "How to leave the house when the world is drizzling?" (FONOBO). Their music is accompanied by an aura of non-obviousness, trance and anxiety. The characteristic space and melancholy are combined with a guitar riff and poetic words.
A game of meanings, playing with conventions and constantly searching for new means of expression.