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Ralph Kaminski - KORA CD

Ralph Kaminski - KORA CD

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Ralph Kaminski conquered the Polish music scene and won the hearts of listeners by releasing two albums "Morze" and "Młodość" so far.
The new album of the artist begins another chapter in his career. Ralph reaches for the timeless work of Kora and the Maanam group to present it in his own original way, and he is accompanied by exceptional musicians: Bartek Wąsik, Michał Pepol, Wawrzyniec Topa, Paweł Izdebski and Wiktoria Bialic. The album is a tribute to Kora and a fantasy about her.
The choice of songs is not accidental - they are an illustration of Ralph's original performance of the same title, which premiered in June this year. during the Actor's Song Review in Wrocław.


1. Łóżko
2. Krakowski spleen / Się ściemnia (medley)
3. Wieje piaskiem od strony wojny
4. Bez ciebie umieram
5. Wyjątkowo zimny maj
6. Po prostu bądź
7. Zabawa w chowanego
8. Biegnij razem ze mną
9. Ta noc do innych jest niepodobna
10. Jestem Kobietą

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