Collection: Hela

Hela is an extremely talented songwriter and vocalist hailed as the hope of the Polish pop scene! After many years spent in music school, she picked up the guitar and started writing her own songs. She debuted in 2020 with the song "Jedną Nogą", which won the hearts of listeners. A year later, in cooperation with FONOBO Label, she released the EP "On Your Shape", on which we will find compositions that are a perfectly balanced mix of folk inspirations with pop sound and delicate vocals. One of the singles promoting the material - the song "Na Opał", could be heard in the series "Kontrola" produced by TVN. The artist creates music bordering on indie-folk and folk-pop, which is perfect for live performances,
which she proved during her premiere concert in Warsaw and on the summer stage of Browary Warszawskie. Her latest single - "Summer", is one of the most interesting hits of this summer! She presented the new song live on the stage of the Great September festival in Łódź.