Collection: Jann

Extremely talented and sensitive. Connected with music since childhood. He sang at the National Opera, attended the Flynn Performing Arts School in Newry and studied vocal at the prestigious London BIMM. He has an extremely rare voice - a countertenor. Despite his classical education, he focuses on ambitious pop and alternative music in his work. He debuted in FONOBO Pitcher with the single "Do you wanna come over?", which delighted over a million listeners around the world. On March 25, 2022, his debut album "POWER" was released (FONOBO Label).
"POWER" is a very personal and emotional album, and its title itself is a preview of what we will find on it. With this one word, Jann defines himself as an artist, as well as the topics that bother him. In five songs he gathered his previous experience and all his inspirations, so listening to the album from the first to the last one you can find out where he was, what he went through and where he is currently standing. All songs on the album are Jann's original compositions. The artist is responsible for the text and music layer of all songs, and he collaborated with the SARAPATA duo and Jeremiasz Hendzl during the production of the numbers.
Since releasing his debut EP, he has developed his confidence as an artist immensely, which can be clearly seen in his latest single "Gladiator". Jann - as he admits, he feels best on stage. During this year, you could see him on
the largest Polish festivals (including OFF Festival, Great September). He also played in
Budapest (BUSH 2022) and Bratislava. In the fall, he went on his next tour and performed with the band in front of Raph Kaminski. He also has other supports on his account (BoyPablo, Homeshake).