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Rozen - Rozen CD

Rozen - Rozen CD

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Rozen are four friends playing music on the borderline of indie folk and pop. Their music is a combination of expressive, warm vocals, electric guitar, violin, cello and drums. Thanks to a common musical sensitivity, universal experiences of love, longing, hope or loss translate into melodies that can be easily hummed. Each song is a story woven from fictional, emotional lyrics, whose hero can be each of us.


1. Intro
2. Duchy
3. Cień
4. Kara
5. Nie wyjadę
6. Tylko cisza
7. Katastrofa
8. Styczniowy chłód
9. Tysiąc lat
10. Lepszy ląd
11. Tańczyć
12. Napisy końcowe
13. Oh my darling (bonus track)

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