Collection: KIWI

The pseudonym KIWI is Wiktoria Nazarian - a vocalist, composer and songwriter from Krakow. He says the most beautiful things are created when he's locked up alone with Ableton. He loves the combination of delicate vocals with electronic sound. He creates songs that grab the heart and hypnotize the listener. She started her solo career with the FONOBO Pitcher action, in which she released her debut single. Continuing her cooperation with FONOBO Label, she released the EP "Nocą". Her sensitivity and fresh approach to music have been appreciated by listeners and Spotify. KIWI was one of the faces of the first local edition of the RADAR project, which aims to support young artists from Poland. Her debut album entitled "Pętla" was released on January 28, 2022 and received only positive reviews. On the occasion of the album's premiere, the artist played a concert tour in the largest Polish cities, which she sold out in just a few days! She also performed the premiere material on the stages of Polish festivals - FEST Festival, OFF Camera, Great September In autumn, she embarked on another concert tour and released a unique live session, during which she presented her most popular numbers in a completely new version.